Oxjam Leicester Takeover is Tomorrow! Dead Question will be playing The Soundhouse Leicester at 8pm, its gonna be a great day of live music, don’t forget to check out Oscar Prince at Manhattan34 (Upstairs) at 12:35am and Milly Reed and Mayne at The Ale Wagon at 1:20pm, hope to see you there!


Business Intro – MUSPRA 348, 352, 355

This year at college, I will be undertaking three freelance projects as part of my business unit. The first of which is an assessed performance in December at The Sue Townsend Theatre, where my band, Dead Question will be showcasing our technical ability, stage presence and musicality. The second is teaching practice, I will deliver at least one-hour’s worth of teaching, promote it and take feedback from the student(s) afterwards. The last project is a self-motivated one, where I have much more independence. I also have to blog about the process I go through when carrying out these tasks, so i’ll be updating this one as i go throughout the coming months…

Oxjam Takes Over Halloween!

Dead Question had a great night at The Shed last night, with Fighting Caravans, The Greys and Anonymous! Hopefully another great gig to come at Oxjam Leicester Takeover at The Soundhouse Leicester, Oxjam is definitely one to come along to, loads of bands in loads of venues all for only £10, also here’s a song:

Halloween Gig – Coming Soon

Thanks to Attenborough Arts Centre​ for having us play the Twilight Gig last week, also thanks to Highly Strung and Stephen Thomas for playing two great sets. Make sure not to miss Dead Question​ at our next gig on 22nd October at The Shed​ and again at the Oxjam Leicester Takeover​ at The Soundhouse Leicester​ on 31st October! Another video to come soon…

Toning Down For Next Week

We had a great time at The Shed last night, thank you lots to all who came to watch us and also to our support: Jack City, Lila J and Hope For Return, some great tunes from them, so definitely try to check them out! Dead Question will be playing at Attenborough Arts Centre on Wednesday next week, should be a fair bit more mellow than our usual arrangement, so come along if you can!

2015 10 07 - Attenborough Arts Centre1

Dead Question Twilight Gig at Attenborough Arts Centre