Blues to Come… and Folk(ish) That’s Been

Don’t forget: Blues De La Ceaux are playing The Shed tomorrow with The Greys and Anonymous: Facebook Event. should be a good night with some classic Blues tunes, it’d be great if you could come along! Also, here’s a video of Acid Haystack and the Shattered Villain (Featuring The Honourable Sherpa Brown) from the Simon Says after-party at The Donkey Leicester earlier this year: Enjoy!

My Third Freelance Project Idea – MUSPRA 352

I’ve had an idea for the self-motivated project I will be competing for my business unit next year. I will be writing a magazine-style article about the gender bias in music.

I am going to research the change in gender bias at Glastonbury Festival since 1995 and discuss my findings once I have completed it. I found the poster campaign by Crack in The Road from earlier this year showing the minority of women at major UK festivals very shocking and think it would be interesting to see how much this has changed over time.


I’m also going to research writing and formatting techniques used in industry standard magazines and websites like NME, Sound on Sound and Rhythm to help inform me on how to correctly write it.

Jose is Damn Awesome! – MUSPRA 348

A few days ago, I sent off a photo of a picture I drew a fair while back (below on right) to an awesome artist and good friend: Jose (Did the artwork below on left)

AP Poster Designed By Jose - His Christmas Present To The Band

Afterthought Playground Poster By Jose

Jamie Flower







Then, he got back to us less than a day later with this:                       and the day after:

part done flowerDead Flower




And today:



This is great, I thought he’d do his own take on it, but for him to use my design in such a way is a huge compliment and i’m loving the look of it with everything he’s done to it! Will definitely be using this for Dead Question profile pics, posters, flyers etc.

Check out more of Jose’s work at

Idea For Teaching Project – MUSPRA 355

My idea for my teaching practice that will be part of this year’s college business unit is to deliver a masterclass to college students based around unique style in music. I’m very passionate about this and have already come up with a few ideas of how to carry out this lesson. I think what I will do is run the class at college using a practice room because I’ll be using drums so it will get quite loud. I’m going to aim to get the students to approach the drum kit in a different way to usual by removing certain parts of it that are heavily relied upon in regular kit playing like the snare, bass drum, hi hat and ride.

Awesome Gig!

Dead Question had a great time at Oxjam Leicester Takeover on Saturday (shout outs to the great sets by Oscar PrinceHomeless ShakespeareThe GreysMilly Reed and Mayne and Hannah Haley), we got to play an extended set due to another band pulling out, and it was awesome! One of our best sets yet, and we’re hoping to get better, tighter and hopefully record something over the coming year. We’re gonna be playing Upstairs/Downstairs at The Shed again on Friday and we’ll hopefully have another video coming up soon…