The New Year Holds New Things

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, but next up, we’ve got New Years Eve! At The Shed, on Thursday, Dead Question will be rocking with Before The Crash, Over The Influence and a secret acoustic act who will emerge soon…

You’ll be able to catch us more in the new year with details to come.


2015 12 31 - The Shed


Assessed Gig Pt. 2 – MUSPRA 348

Dead Question played our college assessed gig a couple of weeks ago at The Sue Townsend Theatre and it seemed to go well (although the drum kit did move a little at 3:36). As promised, here’s the first song we played: Into Glue (Original), where I show my polyrhythmic ability (at 0:44) and my stage presence (at 3:30).

Headbanging Hurt My Neck…

That was one hell of a gig last night! Huge thank you to Dig Lazarus and Save the Sheltered for playing such awesome sets and to The Greyhound Pub for having us play there, truly beautiful tribute to Eagles Of Death Metal and the recent tragedies in Paris from Dig Lazarus. On a slightly happier note, Dead Question are playing The Shed on new years eve so come, bring your face and Rock n Roll!

2015 12 31 - The Shed


Assessed Gig Last Week – MUSPRA 348

So, last week Dead Question played our assessed gig at The Sue Townsend Theatre and played three songs: Into GlueSlave Man, and Shot My Dog. Due to complications, we were unable to play our planned set including Alcoholomy, so were unable to show off the technical aspect of playing outside of 4/4, but anyway, here’s our recording of that song on Soundcloud.

Assessed Gig Coming Up – MUSPRA 348

Dead Question are playing our college assessed gig on Wednesday at The Sue Townsend Theatre, we should be getting some video from it too, so I’ll put a section up from my drum cam once I’ve had that back. We will be showing off our musicality, stage presence and technical ability, so I have edited my drum parts to include polyrhythms, tempo changes, and the use of rudiments to navigate the drum kit efficiently. I’m also quite an animated player so I’ll be using that to my advantage too.

Blues, Acid and Questions…

Blues De La Ceaux had a great time at The Shed last week with The Greys, Anonymous and the secret set from a secret act i’m not sure i’m allowed to reveal. Also had a good practice with Acid Haystack and the Shattered Villain (and the new bassist and drummer) at the weekend, so looking forward to gigging with them soon enough, Dead Question are having a bit of time off but we should be back soon with more gigs and maybe some recorded material! (At last), so stay tuned for updates…