JAMuary, February – MUSPRA 348

January’s been good to me this year, playing our last gig as house band for The Noel Arms‘ JAMuary tonight. Also, I have been experimenting with minimizing my drum kit set up to not include the hi tom, leaving me with a three piece kit. This has made me think more about the musicality of my drumming and I have been rewriting and improving my original drum parts accordingly. Us in Dead Question  are getting ready for February: Fanclub on the 12th and then…

2016 02 27 Pi Bar

Acid Haystack Presents… @ Pi Bar – Volume 1


Billy No Friends – MUSPRA 348

Dead Question have been in the process of writing a new song called Billy No Friends for a while now and when we started writing it, the main riff sounded a lot like the one 8 seconds into this:

So today, I suggested we change it to avoid that kind of comparison and now it has a tasty Hip Hop groove going on using off-beats to create quite a jarring sound. I’m finding it a little hard to play at the moment, but i’ll practice it until it feels natural and it should sound great then.

Assessed Gig Pt. 4 – MUSPRA 348

Coming to the end of my half-term break now, and I have had some feedback and a discussion around Dead Question‘s assessed performance in December. I did make effective use of various technical devices like polyrhythms and rudiments, but I felt that I had to sacrifice some of the musicality of the songs to do so. Overall, the band’s stage presence is good, but still has space to improve, which will come with more experience and we could be tighter on some songs to create a more polished sound, but this too should come with experience. Anyway, this is the last song: Shot My Dog (Original) where I demonstrate tempo changes (at 1:00) and my use of rudiments to move around the kit efficiently (at 0:55).

Assessed Gig Pt. 3 – MUSPRA 348

So, I’m going back to college tomorrow after the Christmas break and have formulated some new ideas for my next two business projects in my time off, so I’ll be sure to post about them soon on here as they take shape. Until then, here’s another video from Dead Question‘s assessed gig back in December: our second song, Slave Man (Original). I’ll also be getting some feedback from that and having an in-class discussion about it in college soon, so I can let you know how that goes too.