OBS 2016

Dead Question will be playing Original Bands Showcase 2016 on Friday 4th March! Get everyone there is down to this extravagant pit of insanity at The Musician Pub for old and new songs from us and whatever other great talent will be performing there!

Dead Question OBS

Dead Question OBS


Research Results – MUSPRA 352

I have finished the research for my magazine article now and found some quite surprising results: that recently, there has been a decrease in the number of female-inclusive acts at Glastonbury, but an increase in female artists. Based on this, the impact of the Crack in The Road campaign, and Emily Eavis‘ statement, I predict a small increase in the number of female-inclusive acts on the lineup poster, but a large increase in total female artists at the festival.

College Freelance Project No. 3 – MUSPRA 352

So for my music business studies I have to complete three projects: a gig, teaching practice, and an independent one, I am now starting on to the third. For this third project I will be writing a magazine article based around the gender bias in the music industry, specifically at Glastonbury Festival since 1995. I first became fully aware of this issue last year when Crack In The Road launched a campaign showing festival posters with the all-male acts removed…










I will also be researching the writing and format styles used by popular music magazines to see how best to write it and lay it all out. I may even upload it to Rockhaq (an amateur music journalism website) and try to contact Crack in The Road to see if they’re interested.