The Last Push Before Summer

So Dead Question are getting ready for our last push in the coming months to get our recording done and also for our OBS Semi-Final, also had a great time playing my first gig with Beth Morris the other night at Duffy’s Bar, looking forward to our next one at The Shed next Thursday and come check out DQ’s Acoustic gig at Attenborough Arts Centre next Tuesday, plus… have a video


Gender Bias at Glasto – MUSPRA 352

I’ve been busy writing an article on the gender bias in music, I’ve been looking at Glastonbury Festival lineup posters going back to 1995, and have found some quite interesting results. What triggered this was the poster campaign by Crack in The Road last year and Emily Eavis‘ statement earlier this year promising a lineup “strong on women” at Glasto 2016. Now, what’s interesting is the resulting campaign from CITR this year: it still shows women as a minority at Glastonbury…Glastonbury-2016 glastonburyedit









This shows something similar to what I predicted based on my research: not a huge increase in female-inclusive acts listed on the poster, but I think if I were to put some research into this, I would find a large increase in the total number of female performers at the festival.

Did My Masterclass – MUSPRA 355

So I did my Masterclass on Wednesday to a couple of students at Leicester College and really enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to share our views and insights into how to be unique as a drummer and musician. The initial response was really positive and I’ll be getting some more feedback from the students soon, so I’ll post an update once that’s back. Here’s what it looked like:


Semi-Final Instagram Poster – MUSPRA 348

So, on the 23rd April, Dead Question have our OBS Semi-Final at The Musician, Leicester, and you know how a few months ago, we had Jose design us some artwork based off my design? Well now I’ve designed a poster around it for our gig, also, check out the Dead Question Instagram page I run for more like this.

OBS Semi-Finals!

Dead Question had a great time playing at The Musician last Friday and to top it off we got through to the semi-final of OBS! We’ll also be playing The Shed this Thursday with The Greys for their final gig, it’ll be sad to see them go, but we’re gonna try and make this one the best gigs they ever do, so come join us, them, Anonymous and Go Primitive for one last time

My Masterclass – MUSPRA 355

I have booked to deliver a masterclass on unique style in music for drummers to students at Leicester College on Wednesday morning. I’ll be discussing with the students exactly what it is to be unique in music and in drumming, we’ll be looking at some of the great examples of this like Daru Jones and The Urban Voodoo Machine. I’ll also be taking them through an exercise where we take away some of the most-used parts of the drum kit and play rhythms using the resulting setup. This should make for a pretty interesting session, not only for the students, but for me as I’ve never done anything like this before and it’ll be great to have this experience. Here’s the poster I have put together for it:

unique style

Unique Style Masterclass Poster

OBS and Awesome Artwork

We in Dead Question had an awesome time at Acid Haystack Presents… with Tom Iliffe, Jim Adama, Strangler Figs, and Acid Haystack and The Shattered Villain at Pi Bar, looking forward to OBS at The Musician Pub, Leicester on Friday, also, check out the artwork done for us by Lanternary too!


Dead Question Artwork by Lanternary, find more Dead Question pics on Instagram: