First Gig in Manchester

Lovely first Manchester gig at Boat Sessions with Acid Haystack and the Shattered Villain, Izzie Walsh and Laura Esther last night, Time to get back on the kit for Beth Morris Music at Freefest, Mon – 3PM, main stage and Dead Question OBS Final, Sat 7th – 8PM



OBS Final!

Dead Question are delighted to announce that we are through to the Original Bands Showcase Final! Its all going down on Sat 7th May at The Musician Pub, with Stating The ObviousIdle Empire and James Cull and The Black Storm Nation, and whichever other bands are also through to this will be quality! Thank you so much to everyone who has come to support us at these events, it really means the world to us! We’re planning something big, so you might not want to miss it…


Dead Question OBS Final

Intro Jam Into Into Glue – MUSPRA 348

Tomorrow, Dead Question have our OBS Semi-Final gig at The Musician, so today, we had a practice with the intention of writing a short intro jam and I came up with the idea of editing the Into Glue opening riff. Now its sounding awesome and I’m really looking forward to the gig. Really hoping we can make it through to the final, and if we do, hope to see you there on Sat 7th May…

OBS Semi-final Poster

One Last Video Before The Storm

Four Days! On Saturday Dead Question play the OBS Semi-Final at The Musician and we would really love your support, we’ve been working really hard on this set and think you’ll love it, there may even be a new tune or two… Also, Blues De La Ceaux have an acoustic gig on Thursday at The Shed, which should be a nice fluffy one, so feel free to come and watch us by candle light, and here’s the last video from The Cookie:

Survey Results – MUSPRA 355

I got some more in-depth feedback from the students of my masterclass in the form of a survey. Overall feedback was quite positive, but there were a few areas it seemed could be improved on like planning to maintain fluidity throughout the lesson and providing more learning materials like videos. I felt like there was a lot of video use, so maybe using more varied forms of media like audio, notation and text would be beneficial. I could have also used more activities to aid the planning of it.

I’m really grateful to the students for coming along and taking part in my class and for taking the time to give me some feedback. This has been a great experience and one I hope to learn from and use to my advantage to maybe deliver more classes in future.UntitledUntitled2