The Final – MUSPRA 348

Last night, Dead Question played the Original Bands Showcase Final at The Musician. It was an awesome night with some great other bands playing: KermesIdle EmpireStating The ObviousJimmy Amnesia and James Cull and The Black Storm Nation.

In the lead up to this gig, I came up with the idea of starting the gig in a different way: I wrote a short cockney ringleader-style speech to be performed over This Lullaby by Queens of The Stone Age. I wore the makeup I used last halloween at the Oxjam gig at The Soundhouse:

Oxjam@The Soundhouse - 31/10/2015

Oxjam@The Soundhouse – 31/10/2015

a long black coat and a wide-brimmed hat. It went like this…

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and everyone in between, roll up, you won’t regret,

for tonight, we present a show of such debasement and degeneracy, you will not forget,

bring your sisters and your brothers, your fathers and your mothers,

a show for human, animal, everything in between, and beyond,

a show for good, bad, loving people, and vagabonds,

roll up,

For tonight, we present, Dead Question…

also, master Prince wore a fake witch’s nose and a nun’s habit, banging a gong and sending us careering into the first song with a scream of KICK OUT THE JAMS MOTHERFUCKER!


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