Brandy, Acid & Voodoo…

I had a great time at The Brandy Thieves‘ album launch at 2Funky Music Cafe on Friday with Acid Haystack and the Shattered Villain, Homeless Shakespeare, Elysian, The Siobhan Mazzei Band, GoldWater and Paul Ronney Angel of The Urban Voodoo Machine. Tomorrow, us in Dead Question have a gig at Pi Bar with The Alchemy and Little Dead Town, come on down and bring all the dance you can, its gonna be good! Then, I’ll be playing BrewDog Leicester on Saturday with Beth Morris Music, here are the events:

2016 05 21 BrewDog Leicester

SCOOPS@BrewDog Leicester w/support from Beth Morris, De’ Nova and Abandon Her

2016 05 16 - Pi Bar

The Alchemy@Pi Bar w/Support from Dead Question and Little Dead Town


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