Simon Says!

We can’t keep this secret any more…

Dead Question will be playing Simon Says 2016!

We can’t begin to say how good it feels to have this opportunity, but thank you so much to Original Bands Showcase and Val McCoy for it! We’re looking forward to this hugely and are really grateful to be sharing a bill with such an amazing collection of bands and artists. Also, thank you to everyone who has supported us by letting us play, coming to our gig and saying lovely things about us, it really means the world!

Catch us on the outdoor stage at 1:30PM on Sat 23rd July, and possibly Beth Morris Music and I at some point as well!

Looking forward to: The Brandy Thieves, Strangler Figs, Ash MammalOut of Karma, GoldWater, Idle Empire, Howard Rose, Hibword, KermesMatt Henshaw, Luke Broughton Music, Mia and the moon, jesuscarfishJersey Budd, Ali Clinton and all the other great artists playing over the weekend, definitely make it to this, its gonna be so awesome!

2016 07 23 - Simon Says

Simon Says 2016


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