Upcycled Unplugged, Poetry Performance and Jitterz at Jumpin’ Jacks…

A fair few new things since my last post…

Firstly, I put on a gig for Natty last week! It was a secret, unplugged gig at All About Daisy (which is this awesome recycled gifts shop everyone should check out), with Hannah Haley supporting. An awesome experience that one was!


Secondly, I recorded a poem, and I’m trying to write more of them. Anyway, I’m performing at Jess Green‘s Find The Right Words at The Western on Weds 21st Sept.

and last of all, the launch of my band Jitterz! Consisting of Beth Morris and myself, we play Punky Rock ‘n’ Roll and pull weird faces, great shirts and bad dancing at gigs. Check us out at The Musician on Fri 16th Sept, supporting Fleetwood Bacand at Jumpin’ Jacks on Fri 30th Sept supporting The Tuts among other gigs.



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