Feb Music Thingzz

Since the last post, I’ve been doing some stuff, Jitterz‘ EP Kickstarter campaign has gone so well! We made our target within the first week and now stand at over £800.

We also played some pretty cool gigs at The SoundhouseThe Musician, and The Cookie. those last couple both were this week, and tonight, I’ve got both my 4th and 5th gigs of the week with Dead Question and Jitterz at The Soundhouse! I’m gonna be so tired after this I might go into hibernation for a while.

Later this month, I have a couple gigs in Nottingham with Jitterz, plus we’ll be recording our EP (Exciting stuff!!), and getting all our rewards together for the lovely people who contribute to our campaign before it ends, also some Haystack coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled…


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