Acid Haystack and The Shattered Villain

I play percussion in Acid Haystack and The Shattered Villain, a Manchester-based six-piece which makes songs about drinking, killing, and occasionally cowboys… who drink… and kill. We draw on blues, jazz, bluegrass, flamenco, and folk influences and use a theatrical stage show to create a live experience you don’t want to miss.

“Wonderfully indescribable” – Rowland Jones

“Delightfully, fantastically, enchantingly nuts” – The Ginger One’s Mum

“Their mastery of [their instruments] is a joy to watch and fun to listen to, as are their original lyrics, laced with humour” – The Guy with a Stick

“They decided to play an encore… some of us lost out on some of the headliners’ set as we had to leave for last buses.” – Music in Leicester

Photography by:

Photorod @

Rob Gurney @ Digital // Facebook

Where marked.


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