Feb Music Thingzz

Since the last post, I’ve been doing some stuff, Jitterz‘ EP Kickstarter campaign has gone so well! We made our target within the first week and now stand at over £800.

We also played some pretty cool gigs at The SoundhouseThe Musician, and The Cookie. those last couple both were this week, and tonight, I’ve got both my 4th and 5th gigs of the week with Dead Question and Jitterz at The Soundhouse! I’m gonna be so tired after this I might go into hibernation for a while.

Later this month, I have a couple gigs in Nottingham with Jitterz, plus we’ll be recording our EP (Exciting stuff!!), and getting all our rewards together for the lovely people who contribute to our campaign before it ends, also some Haystack coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled…


Great Weekend That One Was

That was a really good weekend as they go, Jitterz got played on BBC Radio Leicester!!! and last night, I played with Acid Haystack Acoustic at The Shed with Flip Like WilsonAndrea Kenny and Mia and The Moon for their Undefeated single launch, which was amazing! I’m gonna get my head down for a bit now, work on new Jitterz material, finish the Dead Question album, and work on all the things…

Awesome Gigs All Round!

In the past week, I played three gigs: Pi Bar open mic. last Sunday, and Dead Question at The Shed Friday, then at Redhill Rocks RMF today, so many great things about them and all a pleasure to play, next, I’m playing with Beth Morris supporting Fleetwood Bac at The Musician Pub and we’ll have the proper band stuff up and running by then, so look out for that!

Check out my event page (linked at top of page) for all upcoming gigs.


Fleetwood Bac at the Musician 16.09.16

Simon Says Was Awesome!

I had an amazing time at Simon Says at the weekend, recording with Beth Morris Music and recording/playing with Dead Question, then seeing all the acts below, good music, good food and drink and good company, so next I’m doing a little poetry at The Shed on Thursday, then getting ready to play with Beth Morris at Duffy’s Bar on Saturday and Acid Haystack and the Shattered Villain in Manchester in August

What You Saying? Episode Five

My First Solo Gig!

So I’m back in Leicester for a short while after Glasto, where I had the huge pleasure of meeting Kevin Parker (the man who is Tame Impala) over pie and mash! The Stand Together: Leicester event yesterday was great, saw the amazing Grace Petrie and then played my first solo gig at The Soundhouse Leicester‘s open mic. night which was scary having to follow Homeless Shakespeare and Poetman, but really enjoyable! Check out Dead Question for today’s updates too!