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Jitterz are the uncoolest band you’ll ever meet.
We are:
‘a ball of nervous energy’ – Great Central
‘hopeful, desperately honest and damn catchy.’ – Alphabet Bands
‘shambolic’ – some man who probably doesn’t like us
and our personal favourite: ‘two young ladies from Leicester’ – Little Indie Blogs
Apparently we sound like “The Undertones.. born female on a Leicester council estate with just the White Stripes albums and a Huggy Bear cassette” (The Devil Has The Best Tuna). Our live shows are how we get our kicks. We have supported some cracking bands including Dream Wife, Menace Beach and Skinny Girl Diet. They accidentally played us on BBC6 music once but other than the 3 people who tuned in, no-one has any idea who we are.
Be our favourite person & take a chance on us before we accidentally do well or something.
‘Punchy, passionate, energetic and grabbing life by the lapels. Rejoice! Rock n Roll lives!’ – Loud Women (2017)